Jojo with a Wu

Inhibition to impress

This image is beautiful, sweetly speechless. 

The men in this picture capture the essence of love and nurture only apparent amongst those who hold true loyalty. One can get immersed in the care exhibited purely through the placement of a male’s arm over their female counterpart - I adore the couple second from the front.

Thereare sayings that fathom a woman’s determination to dress up for none other than her man. Wives and girlfriends of soldiers and sailors would lock their best garments in a suppressed chest, revealing its contents only upon the return of their spouse. 

If that one person I spent my whole life in search for one day left this world, the world will hold no beauty no matter its scope - thus on a lighter note - will I lose my inhibition to dress to impress?

Jojo W.

The art of Chic&Shout

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Street style is nice and all, whatever floats their boat. Though what I find interesting and would like the rest of you guys out there to seriously consider is the fact that high fashion  does not condone to street styles’ typical extravagancy. And yes, I get it - tis the reason why street style is not classified as high fashion. Though since seeing people parading around in their most non conventional ‘costumes,’ I have suppressed an urge until now to remind everybody that fashion is about forming an overall display of coherency. I believe, along with the rest of high fashion, that colors shall not be donned to compete by the amount implemented, neither shall patterns be on replay in a sole outfit to trick the feigned-fashion-hearted as something with supposedly more oomph than the rest.  

One who truly understands style will not go out in bare legs just coz they feel like it if temperate conditions do not agree, neither will they drape themselves in excess layers if the weather aint calling for it either. Why? Because they understand that disobeying this simple logic shall only bring about condemning and purposefully posed questions from acquaintances of the following; ” Arent you hot??” “Are you not cold??” - and we all know statements like these do nothing but kill ones’ thunder, no socially adept fashionista will succumb themselves to such demeans on the daily catwalk of life.

Thus why oh why do some street photographers fawn over those excessly baggaged attention seekers? Flashes fly for those dressed with no purpose other than to stand out, flashes even fly for those wearing a certain model of a shoe - no matter its shoe&outfit coherency - such candid, yes candid, displays of style fanatics frustrate me - photographers who fall for this candidness frustrate me. 

Current relents to street style are disfiguring the degree between ‘chic’ and ‘shout.’ 

To illustrate my views….

Below are images of chic&shout implemented well: 

Playful in a number of aspects; textures, layering and multiple lengths - yet it still manages to shout sophistication. 


Boisterous colors are in play - yet the subdued bag restrains the outfit from too much shout.

Modern classicism is the result of this perfect combination. The simple white skirt worked to portray from scratch an elegance of the fur upper. The bottom half invisibly guides the outfit so well that I will even allow the pale orange sunglasses and the otherwise not-so-special bag. 

'Shout' is heinous without the 'chic'… below are outfits that just dont work:

All she wants to do is shout.. she cares of nothing else. I see that the dress is conjoined and thus that cannot be helped - but do you really have to pair it with yellow sunglasses and shoes that does not even begin to match??

Ridiculous.. I have no more to say about the feathering dress. 
Not even the accessories are done right; silver bracelets exhibit a mixture of 90’s Britney  in combination with cheap bling on the streets of hustler New York.

Too much poof, you look like an astronaut. Silver shoes dont do the colors above any favors whatsoever  Maybe ditch the bag and then the outfit may exhibit a bit more coherency.. even if the essence of style was well surpassed. 

Jojo W.